International Civil Aviation English Association Workshop (ICAEA)

International Civil Aviation English Association Workshop (ICAEA)


The International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) is a non-profit, non-partisan association that exists to:

  • facilitate exchanges between people and organisations involved in the use of English in aviation,
  • raise awareness of language proficiency and its effect on aviation safety, service quality and industry efficiency,
  • develop expertise about the use, training and testing of English in all aviation professions,
  • promote the sharing of expertise and cooperation between professions, industry and training organisations.

Since the beginnings of the Association, ICAEA has organized 30 forums and workshops around the world. Event themes reflect current concerns and help set the agenda for the development of aviation English testing and training standards and best practices. Speakers and delegates include industry and linguistic experts, all invested in the development and harmonization of communication competencies and standards.

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2017 The ICAO LPRs – 10 years on: Progress or Pain?
An exploration of what has and hasn’t worked since the introduction of the ICAO LPRs