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Attentiveness on Airline Quality as Viewed by the Domestic Consumer
Brent D. Bowen, Erin E. Bowen, Dean E. Headley, Mary Fink, and Madeline S. Kuhn


Impact Factor and Scholarly Research: The Traditional Media with a Social Media Influence
Brent D. Bowen, Jackie Luedtke, Timothy B. Holt, David A. Ehrensperger, and Hunter M. Watson


The Utilization of Peer Mentorship and its Positive Impact on Student Retention
Timothy B. Holt, Jacqueline Luedtke, and Claire Schindler


Airline Quality and the Consumer Perception
Brent D. Bowen, Dean E. Headley, Mary Fink, and Madeline Kuhn


Understanding Deleted File Decay on Removable Media using Differential Analysis
James H. Jones Jr, Anurag Srivastava, Josh Mosier, Connor Anderson, and Seth Buenafe


Development of A Professional Code of Ethics in Digital Forensics
Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar, Marcus Rogers, and Danielle M. Crimmins 2184089


Case Study: A New Method for Investigating Crimes Against Children
Hallstein Asheim Hansen, Stig Andersen, Stefan Axelsson, and Svein Hopland


Exploring Digital Evidence with Graph Theory
Imani Palmer, Boris Gelfand, and Roy Campbell


Source Anonymization of Digital Images: A Counter–Forensic Attack on PRNU based Source Identification Techniques
Prithviraj Sengupta, Venkata Udaya Sameer, Ruchira Naskar, and Ezhil Kalaimannan


Kelihos Botnet: A Never-Ending Saga
Arsh Arora, Max Gannon, and Gary Warner


Fast Filtering of Known PNG Files Using Early File Features
Sean McKeown, Gordon Russell, and Petra Leimich

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