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Altitude: Breaking Ground in Stellar Research

  • Education at a Higher Altitude: At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daring to Think Big and Push Boundaries is a Way Of Life.
  • Students Soar: Where the Sky Is No Limit
  • Engineering For a Better Tomorrow
  • A Space Where Stars Are Born
  • A Learning Space That Suits You: EagleSat Lab
  • Space Physics Student Follows Her Research to A Stellar Discovery
  • Leverage Your Experience
  • A Wealth of International Knowledge
  • Isabella Novo is Sure to Shine at NASA
  • Community Through Shared Interest
  • Eagles Reporting for Duty
  • Fueling the Future? We Rock It!
  • A New Space for Safety
  • Quantum Gravity: Student Researchers Make Quantum Leaps
  • Building Skills With Clubs
  • Flight Training at New Altitudes
  • Contributing to Aviation Safety Tech
  • Research from Day One
  • Two Degrees of Dedication
  • SAP Partnership Produces Supply Chain Standouts
  • Aspiring Pilot Gets a Lift
  • On Course to the Boeing Company
  • Empowering Student Voices
  • Next Steps

Publication Date

Fall 2023


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Admissions Magazine Fall 2023



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