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Image is a group photograph of Squadron 3, Class 44-B 53rd Flying Training Detachment Army Air Forces Contract Pilot School. The 53rd was based at Carlstrom Field, near Arcadia, Florida.

(Pictured from front to rear, left to right) 1st Row: G.A. Bires, J.J. Burns, M. Dys, R. Beard, E.A. Blattner, J.E. Jackson, P.P. Hill, G.R. Brackett, L.W. Hodge, W.D. Mertl, L.S. Gray.

2nd ROW: H.C. Wells, G.E. Carenbauer, A.E. Bolt, D.E. Oliver, R. Bishop, B.O. Blodgett, J.C. McAuliffe, E.W. Blackman, S.B. Benscoter, C.S. Bayer.

3rd ROW: L.E. Lipphardt, W.S. Kleczek, W.E. Bendt, H.W. Lane, H.E. Girzi, P.R. Alexander, M.H. Huebner, N. Benz, A.D. Benson, W.R. Braff.

4th ROW: T.O. Batey, D. G. Ford, N.D. Fauber, P.A. Guay, G.A. Fort, C.G. Campbell, F.R. Gibbons, R.L. Hay, B.T. MacBryde, H.T. Ribonson, E.H. Dengel.


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