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Dr. Somi Shin is an economist, researcher and instructor at ERAU Asia, who loves working with students as well as conducting research. Although her area of specialization is economics, she enjoys collaborating with experts from the other disciplines for applied research.

Dr. Shin has published her work in a leading journal such as Health Economics (ABDC ranking: A*). Her doctoral dissertation was chosen as one of the outstanding dissertations in Massey University and featured in New Zealand media, such as NewsTalk ZB, a radio station, and Manawatu Standard, a regional newspaper. Dr. Shin also received the Best Presentation and Discussion by Young Econometrician Award at the 24th New Zealand Econometric Study Group Meeting.

Dr. Shin worked at universities in Singapore and New Zealand, teaching courses including macroeconomics, microeconomics and research methodology. She believes that the university should not be the ivory tower and tries to bring to real world to the classroom. She was a recipient of the Faculty Appreciation Award in 2019 at ERAU Asia.

Dr. Shin considers herself as a citizen of the world as she was born in Germany, raised in Korea and lived in New Zealand for 10 years before moving to Singapore 6 years ago. In her spare time, she likes to play with her 2-year-old baby girl and 11-year-old dog.