Wee, Darius


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Darius is currently the head of Facilities Management in Terminal 1, Changi Airport. He oversees the housekeeping operations, building management, as well as sustainability efforts for the airport.

In his 8 year stint in Changi Airport, Darius has developed a keen understanding of airport operations, having headed up ground transportation operations, and working closely with airline and ground handlers in his role as departure operations lead. He has been involved in developing and executing new departure flows in the airport to support safe travel, and is currently a key member of the team managing zonal operations to reduce transmission risks in the airport.

As a airport manager and an operations specialist, Darius is a firm believer of OneChangi – where the airport operator and the various partners work together to establish win-win operational outcomes and superior passenger experience. He is also a keen optimiser of operational efficiency, leveraging on technology, data and people management to improve operational processes and outcomes.