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  • For the second straight year, U.S. News and World Report ranked aerospace engineering programs and declared that... We're No. 1

  • Shagfest features free food, prophylactics

  • President's Safety Education Day recognizes ERAU's best

  • College of Aviation takes shape on campus: Summer proves productive on new building construction

  • Channel 3 revamped

  • Singled Out Students pack UC cafeteria for ERAU's version of MTVs dating game show

  • Flight students welcomed back

  • Award-winning writer to give speech at ERAU

  • Whoever said condoms were safe?

  • Reno next Florida Governor?

  • Bush bashing_ on campus

  • Balancing judgement for slain student

  • Christian bands rock Universal Studios

  • The need for speed

  • CD Review Preston School of Industry album keeps the sound of Pavement alive

  • From the Prez

  • When is baseball over?

  • Volleyball season kicks off ...

  • Men's Golf holds tryouts

  • Eagles lose season opener

  • A330 loses both engines, lands OK in Azores

  • American spyplane downed by Iraqis

  • Siμger Aaliyah dies in Bahamas crash

  • Kennedy Space Center looking for new hires for shuttle

  • MirCorp and Russians to build first commercial space station

  • Discovery visits ISS

  • IBM offers internships

  • Robot firefighters Altus II provides real-time video of fires from above

  • The gigahertz war wages on

  • Comics

  • Classifieds

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


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Avion 2001-09-10



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