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  • The ‘Plywood Palace’ is coming down
  • Fanfare and big scissors accompany fitness center opening
  • Yoffe, Eagles take down No. 5 Webber
  • X-Country places first, third
  • Fitness Center gets off to running start
  • ‘Guitar Hero,’ LAN parties, and shenanigans
  • Men’s Soccer finishes week at 1-1-2
  • Women’s soccer takes home first two wins
  • X-Country fresh sets place at Fla. Tech
  • Volleyball stays above .500 after loss to Webber
  • Revived al-Qaida proves an elusive foe
  • U.S. Congress votes to overhaul student loans
  • Asteroid Collison doomed dinosaurs, researchers say
  • Pot dealer, dazed and confused, call police
  • Student contests drinking and flying
  • CEO: Premier network
  • Need class help? Contact Disabilities
  • Dean of Students office welcomes everyone
  • Even more Army strong
  • Student Government
  • Seats for first commercial A380 go on sale
  • Checks ordered for 737s in wake of tarmac fire
  • Portable air-defense devices could be devastating to U.S.
  • Boeing selected for Ares 1 upper stage
  • STS-120 next with Node 2
  • Scaled Composites bought
  • India’s fifth GSLV is a success
  • Proton fails to loft Japanese sat.
  • Comics & Classifieds
  • ERAU Entertainment

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Avion 2007-09-11



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