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  • Dr. Connolly named chancellor again
  • Baseball stadium dedicated to former college president
  • EMS Club stabilizes collapsed student before EVAC arrive
  • Improv comedy is a best bet
  • Aerodynamicist shares knowledge
  • Talk on avian flu draws crowd
  • “A burden too big to bear,” says Florida family
  • Canada removes Liberals
  • Report alleges that CIA “outsourced” torture
  • Struggling networks UPN, WB merge, form ‘The CW’
  • UCF students take census of homeless in Daytona Beach
  • SGA fat cats get tuition vouchers, division don’t
  • Wight room hours and funding cut
  • Early morning loom after graduation
  • No. 3 Eagles embarrassed 16-5 in home opener
  • Men’s basketball extends to record winning streak to 20
  • Women’s tennis loses again
  • NASA remembers ’86 Challenger tragedy
  • ‘Time’ to wipe out malaria in Africa
  • First Earth-like extrasolar planet is detected
  • Rovers mark two Earth-years on the Red planet
  • CEV changes announced
  • VASIMR system gets a go
  • IMAGE mission ends after six years
  • Dawn grounded until 2007 at earliest
  • W. Virginia schools see a (dance dance) revolution
  • AMD announces FX-60 chips
  • Few geniuses develop in a vacuum
  • IBM unveils Sametime messaging platform
  • Chinese government to build Tokomak reactor
  • Genera; aviation suffers from Washington ADIZ
  • Airbus boasts over mass amount of aircraft orders
  • Cessna Citation crashes into airport’s barricade
  • E-Gaming
  • Photo Museum
  • The world Ishmael viewed
  • Annapolis’ plot may be deceiving
  • Comics & Classifieds

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, college students’ writings

Avion 2006-01-31



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