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  • Students rally for vote on West Lawn
  • Victim was SAE alumnus
  • Trespasser caught on tarmac
  • Discussing UAVs
  • Syria agrees to assist in U.N. investigation
  • Taxiing planes tie up Orlando highway traffic
  • Bush administration plans on fighting avian influenza
  • Electrocution kills Texan pastor during baptism
  • Midwestern states struck by tornado
  • Rally lost sight of real issues
  • EOT’s decision made far too late
  • Courage: a pilot’s duty
  • V-ball records fall one by one
  • Men’s Cross-Country claims first FSC title, women place second
  • Men’s soccer ends ‘magnificent regular season’
  • B-ball wins in North Carolina
  • DOD research threatened by budget cuts
  • Apophis has NASA on toes
  • Red Flag 2005, Air Force equivalent to Navy “Top Gun”
  • Hubble finds two more moons around Pluto
  • House Oks Soyuz sales
  • Oldest starlight detected
  • Microsatellite sets records
  • ESA arm may launch a Proton
  • Annual AOPA Expo: three day pilots’ paradise
  • Boeing touts advanced 747 over stretched 787
  • Blue Gene still world’s fastest supercomputer
  • Science under attack in America
  • WiFi security law proposed in NY
  • Nanotech may lead to cancer cure
  • Sony audio installs convert software
  • Copernicus’ remains found in Poland
  • Hey look, it’s ‘Doom 3.’ Oh wait, it’s ‘Quake 4’
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance,’ first release in U.S.
  • Hone your beer pong skills and head out for some competition.
  • Yellow card rocks Fuel nightclub in Daytona Beach
  • Steve Martin’s ‘Shopgirl’
  • Comics
  • Protest rocks campus
  • Study seeks test pilots
  • Classifieds

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, college students’ writings

Avion 2005-11-08



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