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  • Homecoming ends happily ever after
  • Propellers reopens to much demand
  • EOT defends late cancellation
  • Police called to SigChi incident
  • The early days of Embry-Riddle
  • Flight Team gets new Cessna 150
  • FOX 35 weatherman visits SGA’s Meteorology forum
  • Powerful nor’easter hits N.E., shuts down power
  • ETA Separatists blamed for bombings in Spain
  • White House targets The Onion for satire piece
  • American Civil Rights pioneer dies at age 92
  • 59 die in New Delhi
  • Joseph lead’s men basketball in season opener
  • Volleyball clinches third
  • Hockey loses two to UCF
  • Men’s soccer wins conference
  • Opinions
  • Student government
  • Homecoming
  • Space X sues Boeing, Lockheed over alliance
  • ESA Venus Express launch delayed until mid Nov.
  • Israeli company Engineuity invents car that makes own fuel
  • Deep Space Network look like new technology
  • Astronauts mark five years if living in the ISS
  • Strike threatens Boeing flights
  • Long lost Mars Polar Lander remains elusive once again
  • Delta Airlines has Song singing a final melody
  • Security raises before holiday in Philippines
  • Hello Kitty airplane takes flight in Taiwan
  • Coral reefs in danger, says conservation group
  • Ancient plants auctioned
  • Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate continues
  • Are those grades I hear falling? ‘AOE3’ review
  • Hack’em and slash’em with ‘Soul Calibur III,” oh yeah
  • The new, the unknown, and the old
  • Football Frenzy
  • Comics
  • Proposed Amendments to SGA Constitution
  • Classifieds

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Avion 2005-11-01



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