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  • SGA: the cookie isn’t crumbing yet
  • Hockey demolishes FSU
  • Flager HS student finds razor in cafeteria food
  • Ahdoot, Acafellas entertain in UC
  • Insanity in the IC
  • Illegal immigrants cause problems for Spain
  • Plame identity revelation investigation to end soon
  • Natural disaster victims still waiting for relief aid
  • Peace talks on hold
  • Harriet Mier’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination faces several challenges
  • Opinions
  • Homecoming Nominees
  • No.8 Eagles continue winning streak at home
  • Volleyball’s remarkable season continues
  • McAfee leads Eagles again as Men’s X-County takes third
  • Supersonic transport model flies Mach 2
  • MS settles case for $761 million
  • 802.11n to support 600 Mbps rates
  • Robot probe to explore Great Pyramid secrets
  • Worst drought in years ravages Amazon region
  • Video iPods grow on Apple trees
  • Police shut down zombie network Study examines baby food wisdom
  • Mt. Everest suffers from shrinkage
  • Airbus announces new member of the family
  • Faculty member describes AMS degree program
  • Titan set to rocket into history on final flight
  • Exp. 11 returns, Krikalev’s endurance record in hand
  • NASA sponsors Centennial Challenge with X-Prize Fdn.
  • Ever wanted to be a surgeon? You can with a DS
  • “Conflict: Global terror,” one of the words are right
  • Xbox 360 info at X05 in Amsterdam
  • Biketoberfest
  • Comics
  • Iron Eagles beat FSU
  • Sigma Cho upgrades
  • Delta Chi news bulletin
  • Rugby legend continues
  • Eagles FM: making a live broadcast happen
  • Classifieds

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