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  • New fitness center under fire
  • Hockey beats FIT in home opener
  • Student survives plane crash
  • T-shirts fill UC with message
  • Massive earthquake damages southeast Asia
  • Polio outbreak strikes Yemen, nearly affects 470
  • Mayan city declared cemetery after hurricane
  • FEMA reopens $400 million in previous no-bid contracts, competition now optional
  • FAA says extreme landing gear extension is “legal”
  • New life returns to the D.B. Hawgs
  • Republicans’ banner receives unfair criticism
  • Opinions
  • Pike Beta Class gears Up
  • Fighting cancer with letters
  • Preflight Competition a Huge Success
  • SGA President’s Update
  • Progress Comm. Wants input
  • SRB working on Constitution
  • Men’s, women’s X-County compete at Disney
  • Golf takes first, third places
  • Men’s soccer improves to 8-1
  • SCAD sweeps Eagles, remains leader
  • Peter Diamandis envisions new Rocket Racing League
  • SF Mayor pushes for wireless internet as a “fundamental right”
  • MD-80 jackscrew will be inspected…again
  • Jet Airways buys 777s
  • Helicopters change to glass
  • First FAA licensed UAV flight
  • Ultimate Spiderman, not as cool as it sounds
  • DDR Extreme sequel breath of fresh air to series
  • Col War spy satellite program declassified
  • Lunar lander team chosen
  • Black holes solving mysteries
  • CryoSat lunch fails
  • Robots complete race
  • Netscape browser to ship with HP computes
  • Sun, Google deal seen as threat Microsoft
  • Federally-funded bank of stem cells established
  • Hurricanes increasing in 8intensity
  • Physics Nobel prize awarded for optics
  • Physical activity helps reduce stress levels
  • The Sun is unpredictable
  • Swim, scuba and manatee watch
  • Noise Conspiracy worthwhile band
  • Comics & Classifieds

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, college students’ writings

Avion 2005-10-11



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