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  • Women’s soccer beats Florida Tech
  • Hurricane season 2005 to rush Alpha Beta Gamma
  • ERAU charging students for SkyFest
  • ERAU helps aid in relief effort
  • Honors program recognizes first graduate at luncheon
  • Former III. Governor George Ryan facing trial for fraud, corruption, racketeering
  • North Korea signs statement of principles commitment to end nuke weapons programs
  • ICI Center needs longer hours
  • Opinions
  • SCJ makes a comeback
  • Pike welcomes pledge class
  • Volleyball takes home four, loses to Madonna
  • NASA unveils new plans for lunar mission
  • Cassini spies smoke in Saturn’s stellar rings
  • Baffling stars in Andromeda solved
  • Microsoft restructures to 3 divisions
  • Australia debates culling shark population
  • No shortage of flu vaccine expected
  • JetBlue landing problem may be attributed to A320 flaw
  • E-Gaming
  • “World Series of Chili” goes off without a hitch
  • Highest point in Florida is just a short drive away
  • Women exhibit at local museum
  • Flightplan off course but gets to its destination
  • Comics
  • Classifieds

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Avion 2005-09-27



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