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  • August graduation permanently cut from calendar
  • ERAU professor Phelps involved with lightning research project at Kennedy
  • The textbook shortage: How could this happen?
  • Riddle guys earning dual degrees while attending E-R Celibacy U.
  • Around the world record set
  • EAA Mourns the Loss of David Scott
  • Piper Aircraft breathes sigh of relief!
  • World's largest airport to begin construction
  • Nation's best a/c powered by GE
  • Starship moves one step closer to production
  • Viewing tips for shuttle watchers
  • Countdown on Soviet shuttle flight
  • Commander admits he made mistake aboard marooned spacecraft
  • United States wins world championship
  • Book Reviews
  • Chess Club welcomes you!
  • Watch for Army cadets in physical training on campus
  • Athletic Booster Club to form
  • Public Service Activities Highlight Arnold Air Society
  • Delta Chi plans party plethora
  • Sigma Pi invites you to psych
  • Sigma Chi eager for Rush Week parties
  • Vet's Club organizing Riddle Regatta
  • Ninety Nines seek a few good women
  • Pioneer Aviatrix speaks to 99s
  • Free tutors available for classes
  • Comics
  • Classifieds
  • Faculty Profile: Roger Campbell
  • Career Navigator: the Career Center offers career help
  • Safety By Awareness: What You Need to Know About Fuels

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, college students’ writings

Avion 1988-09-21



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