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  • Confusion cleared up
  • ERAU recruits women with Stew curriculum
  • Wright Flyer project trashed
  • Confusion results
  • Latest velocity regulation methods at ERAU
  • Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Student Forum
  • Fast food chain buys shuttle
  • Mars astronauts meet with Disappointment
  • Two headed mutant found
  • Space shuttle to land at Regional Airport
  • Turbo-indigestion FAR's drafted
  • Wind tunnel tests prove superman can fly!
  • Fly Eastern's furry skies
  • Strike
  • Basketball team in final four
  • Tallman Stadium and Doten Gymnasium get the go ahead
  • Basketball team in final four
  • Senior citizens rebel
  • Aviation Demo Derby on tap
  • Not So Noticibles
  • What's happening dude?
  • The Bored of Trustees announce the next phase of campus consolidation
  • Overweight Elvis meets with students
  • Diversions
  • R.E.N.
  • "Fred's" lays Easter egg
  • Disney opens Barfland for spring break
  • Vixen plays to enraged crowd of rebel onlookers
  • Rockett's party a real blast

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, college students’ writings

Avioff 1989-03-31



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