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  • Parking problems at ERAU solved by monorail system
  • Embry-Riddle to become tuition free to lure student
  • ERAW perused by gigantic beasties grown wild in MC cooling tower
  • Tunnel with monorails may save lives on Clyde-Morris
  • Willson's taxation class teaches lessons not normally heard
  • Graduation rates look bad for everyone, but worse for minorities
  • Elmer Fudd hunts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; kills one with 12-guage
  • This story is 100% natural with no cereal fillers, colors, flavor and especially no news
  • Bush declares war on second largest air force
  • Really, Really, Really Quick News
  • Eastern falls, Pan Am sells assets to survive
  • Avioff faces off against SGA in pre-firebomb jacuzzi claim
  • Morrislime buys helping of E-RAW and plans to enjoy it a great deal
  • Lumpy-Puddle lowers tuition
  • Faculty Profile: Busy Dr. Staff interviewed by Avioff reporter
  • Gorrison's jumps to the aid of ailing pimento industry by serving up treats
  • I got 'High' with the Flite Team
  • Avioff reporter returns from Iraq
  • Flack has out of this world sexperience
  • Delta Cheese
  • Smegma Pie
  • Nomad Fraternity
  • Baseball players earn extra cash

Publication Date



Embry-Riddle School of Aviation


College newspapers, College students' writings

Avioff 1991-04-01



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