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  • SGA elections to be held today
  • ERAU student injured in accident
  • Man has bad luck with birth child
  • Censorship battles in Washington threaten civil rights of fans
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editorials
  • Student Forum
  • Teachers must pay their dues
  • Another car vandalized: Safety has suspect
  • The young copilot that took the civilian route to Northwest
  • President Sliwa discusses future at Employee Forum
  • SGA holds debate for Wednesday Elections
  • Tennis team captures two more victories
  • Sail team hosts season closer
  • Students find work a sperm bank
  • US Senate approves expanded student aid
  • Rap song parody about Bush jumps to number one on Secret Service hit parade
  • FAA releases C-130 tape
  • Two drunk drivers decide to turn in car keys to police officer - both on the same night
  • Down on Main Street, where the Hogs run wild
  • Critic's Corner
  • Lingerie contest has lace, leather and naughty bits
  • Deutsches restaurant nicht sehr gut
  • More Wealth Without Risk, worth reading and recommended by aliens
  • EE Ticket instrumentals offer a wide variety of thrill seeking for all
  • A cheap alternative to dealing with Woman In Aviation Week
  • Uh-Oh brings the music from David Byrne to us same as it ever was
  • Clubs
  • Jury says Larzelere should die
  • Democrats bring debate to Florida
  • Area residents vote on party nominations
  • Special Olympics needs volunteers for Saturday
  • Blackfoot performs in Daytona
  • Photos of American Beach on display
  • Spring Break begins

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, College students' writings

Avion 1992-03-11 (A)



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