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  • Lockheed continues in role as space shuttle processor
  • Ultraviolet explorer begins study of spectrum
  • Space Station Freedom begins nationwide tour
  • Magellan detects landslides on the Venusian surface
  • House approves compromise to construct 20 B-2 bombers
  • McDonnell Douglas wins Air Force development and training contracts
  • FAA investigates cause of midair collision between two Cessnas
  • New OS/2 dubbed the "War and Peace" of computer programs
  • New Maxis game lets players build a railroad empire on their PC screen
  • The Pooh sticks sound like a 70s pop subculture returning for vengeance
  • Indian cinema continues to make music in the way of the old musicals
  • Iron Maiden releases their long-awaited album Fear of the Dark
  • The Beastie Boys rock Orlando
  • Radika Miller brings us a look at the power of the flute on Here and Faraway
  • Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun and other great hits out on video
  • The band Rattlebone rocks Daytona
  • Local venues continue to promote up and coming bands like Still Rain
  • Kevin Welch and the Overtones have released their new album Western Beat
  • The Poster Children hits the scene hard with Daisy Chain Reaction
  • 'Slippery when wet' applies to all at Wet 'N Wild
  • Harrison Ford takes character Jack Ryan to great heights in Patriot Games
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, College students' writings

Avion 1992-06-10 (B)



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