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  • ERAU employee saves 2-year-old's life
  • World readies for Summer Olympics
  • Several University departments move to General Electric facility
  • Osprey crash kills seven
  • Editorials
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Student Forum
  • Eagles announce '92-'93 schedule - sign four freshman
  • University offers FAA approved refresher course for Flight Instructors
  • Sliwa reflects on first year as president
  • Freak phenoma creates fleet of dirty airplanes
  • McKay Hall gets much needed face lift
  • University weekend is a success with students and parents alike
  • Student Activities creates ERAU Volunteer Network to assist with number of students
  • Novelty helmets lead to confusion
  • Clinton campaigns by bus
  • The day after for Perot's campaign
  • Ross Perot drops out of the race
  • Democrats hold National Convention in New York
  • Students react to Supreme Court's abortion ruling
  • Kansas hit with earthquake
  • Bo Gritz is in the race
  • Former Perot supporter wants his money back
  • Ruling may delay executions in Florida
  • DAB grand opening announced
  • Bungee jumping remains outlawed in Florida
  • Supporters want Perot to reconsider dropping out of Presidential race

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Avion 1992-07-22 (A)



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