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  • Huge losses may knock some airlines out of race
  • Construction of Dassault's Falcon 2000 on schedule
  • British Airways and USAir sign agreement to merge together
  • TWA flight 843 bursts into flames at Kennedy Airport
  • Space station verification to be engineering challenge
  • Freedom remains alive in Congress
  • Spaceport Florida to launch in-state rocket
  • Publishers launch a battle for your personal computer desktop
  • New language combines BASIC with cutting edge programming under Windows
  • Symantec's Norton Utilities marches forward with a sixth version of its package
  • Cool World offers hot soundtrack
  • Ministry releases Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and They Way to Suck Eggs
  • Textbook band Rain fails to please crowd
  • Bronx Style Bob releases Grandmas Ghost as his first solo album on Sire
  • Sonic Youth takes hold of the charts
  • Indigo Girls reach new heights with their latest chart climbing release
  • Busch should stick to brewing beer, not fun
  • Faster Pussycat whips out a powerful performance at The Station
  • Wednesday night jam with George Thorogood
  • The Moody Blues hit the Ocean Center with a show that appealed to all ages
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


College newspapers, College students' writings

Avion 1992-08-05 (B)



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