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  • Embraer makes to 4,500th delivery
  • General aviation groups meets with FAA
  • EAA hosts small aircraft certification compliance workshop
  • Lockheed celebrates 25 years of low speed wind tunnel testing
  • Mudry Aviation hosts grand opening of new facility
  • Discovery set to left off today as last shuttle flight of the year
  • NASA takes space exploration to new heights in '92
  • Public Enemy releases their Greatest Misses
  • The Dead Milkmen and their "Bitchin' Camero"
  • Mostly Harmless is the fifth book in the ever-increasing Hitchhikers Guide trilogy
  • Miss World establishes a really cool ultralight blue kinda color blah!
  • Clarke's Corner: "X" is a perfect ten
  • Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth soundtrack made up for a good story that failed on screen
  • Four books were released with "Dracula"
  • Neil Young revitalizes his old style with his latest album Harvest Moon
  • George Thorogood releases a brand new "baddest" compilation album
  • "To Hell With Love" says Suzanne Rhatigan
  • Life after GN'R for Izzy
  • Stone Temple Pilots present a "Maximum Rock and Roll" experience with their new album "Core"
  • Classifieds

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College newspapers, College students' writings

Avion 1992-12-02 (B)



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