Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Faculty Mentor

William MacKunis


Swarm control systems are increasingly popular in the robotics industry and academia due to their many potential applications. The goal of the Quadrotor Swarm Arena (QuaSAr) project is to construct a quadrotor swarm control testbed to provide researchers with the tools needed to experimentally investigate this emerging science. This testbed is equipped with a motion capture system, test control station, and numerous quadrotor UAVs. MATLAB-Simulink is utilized for control law development, data processing, and test control. This configuration allows researchers to test developing control law in a 'plug and play' manner as control development and test control are all completed using the same tools. Thus, the QuaSAr testbed an increasingly valuable tool to a wide set of researchers. Currently, the testbed is undergoing final testing and initial operation. Improved single-agent control methods are continuously being developed and initial swarm control research is underway. The combination of the completed and future work has promising implications for the continued success of the QuaSAr project.



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