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Jim W. Henderson Administration and Welcome Center

Start Date

1-3-2017 1:00 PM

End Date

1-3-2017 2:00 PM


5 minutes each

Telecon info AM: Call (872) 240-3311, Access Code: 505-052-373

  1. Update on COE Strategic Framework (Dr. Mark Friend, ERAU and Dr. Martha Banz, OU)
  2. Development of Learning Taxonomy (Dr. Kadie Mullins, ERAU)
  3. Research Alternative ISD Model (Dr. Steven Hampton, ERAU)
  4. Course Development (Dr. Todd Hubbard, OU, Matthew Vance, OKSU)
  5. Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Modal Training (Dr. Ziho Kang, OU)
  1. Applied Game Theory to Enhance ATC Training (Dr. Kash Barker, OU and Dr. Jibo He, WSU)
  2. Explore Use of Gamification for Training (Dr. JoEllen Sefton, Auburn)
  1. Characterization and Application of Air Traffic Controllers Visual Search Patterns and Control Strategies for Efficient and Effective Training (Dr. Ziho Kang, OU)
  2. Joint Weather Project: HF and Scenario Based Training w/Advanced Weather & Training of Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in Weather-related Decision Making Using Probabilistic Hazard Information Displays (Dr. Mike Wiggins, ERAU; Dr. Chen Ling, UAkron; Dr. Doug Wiegmann, UW-M)
  3. International Harmonization and Integration (Dr. David Delaine, OSU and Dr. Adam Fontecchio)
  4. Optimize Simulation (Dr. Shafagh Jafer, ERAU)
  1. Analysis of a Technical Training Course for Specific Part-Task Training Implementation and Enhancement Based on the Addition of New Tech Enhancement Based on the Addition of New Tech (Dr. Keith Hargrove, TSU, Dr. Todd Hubbard, OU)


Mar 1st, 1:00 PM Mar 1st, 2:00 PM

Project Updates

Jim W. Henderson Administration and Welcome Center