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This study was prompted by a string of aircraft hull losses experienced by a multinational, multi-campus flight training organization. A mixed methods study was conducted to study the attitudes and perceptions of the operations and management staff at this flight training organization through the use of a survey instrument previously existing and adapted, in order to ensure validity, and interviews with key staff members. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed to identify underlying constructs in the perceptions and attitudes of the staff in order to identify beliefs that may signify a flight training organization is at risk. An analysis was conducted using these constructs, along with the interviews obtained from key individuals, to further understand the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that may place similar flight training organizations at risk. The research study identifies a lack of a safety culture throughout the organization. The current system is substantially reliant on the necessity of flight instructors and their students to maintain a clean record in order to be viable for future employment and is seen by this operator as the primary system for ensuring accountable action by agents within the system. The implementation of a Safety Management System is recommended as a result of this study.

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Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research