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Murathan Kayan – Daytona Beach IP of the Month, November 2020

Murathan has been a flight instructor on team 3 for over two years. He quickly demonstrated a commitment to quality instruction and his patience led him to have success with many students who were struggling prior to working with him. He’s being doing preprogs and training evaluations for over a year and has been the team 3 Assistant TM since January. Over the past two and a half years, he’s signed off 34 students, many of which had IP changes, were on training plans or had previously failed the course. His humility has made him a quiet leader on the team. As my ATM he not only does a fantastic job covering the weekends and when I’m out of the office, but he also exceeds my expectations with mentoring newer IPs on the team. I hope he gets to move onto the airlines soon, but appreciate his continued hard work during his extended time here. Please join me in congratulating Murathan Kayan as the IP of the Month for November 2020.