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Keith Markovich – Daytona Beach IP of the Month, December 2020

Keith has been a flight instructor on team 3 for a little over a year and was a part-time IP on team 6 previously. He is one of the hardest working IPs on the team and routinely picks up extra activities. He worked on developing quizzes for the 221 PACE course and helped audit the course in preparation for its Fall 2020 launch. During our COVID shutdown and the ever changing work environment since, he’s offered to help with tasks outside his normal duties. Keith starting doing preprogs last semester and recently became one of two Assistant TMs on team 3. I appreciate his commitment to his students and this shows in his 77% passrate. Keith is a dedicated employee, loyal coworker and patient instructor, and an overall asset to the department. Please join me in congratulating Keith Markovich as the IP of the Month for December 2020.