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Myojeong Cho – Daytona Beach IP of the Month, April 2020

Myojeong Cho, Megan, has really shone brightly since her arrival on the team. She is qualified to teach all courses in both airplanes. She never balks at any assignment. She is always ready, willing and able to help with any project. Her students stop by the office just to tell me how much they enjoy working with her and how well she actually teaches. She recently qualified as a check instructor. Her work has been consistently excellent. She gets things done. The FA323 Pilot Guide is her product. She organized the assignments for the other IPs. She worked on several units herself and she edited the drafts as they came back to her. Her work was thorough, well written and done on time. This is just one example of the outstanding job she ALWAYS does. She is becoming a stalwart on Team 1 and definitely deserving of Instructor of the Month for April.