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Concurrent 4: I wish I had known this as a distance librarian! - Part 1

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In-person Panel

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Distance librarianship has grown, evolved and become more complex. Distance students, technologies, modalities, as well as terms have all evolved: off-campus, distance, distributed, online, hybrid, hyflex, etc.

While those of us working in the distance library world for years have evolved with the times, others are relatively new to this complex specialization. Still others were thrown into this role during the pandemic. The abrupt pivot to distance learning throughout higher education in 2020 brought the value of distance librarianship into clear view. The knowledge and skills we associate with the distance learning specialty are a big part of our current hybrid learning focus. But, what kind of training and mentorship is available? How do you become good at distance library services and, ultimately, a successful distance librarian? As a new or relatively new online and distance services librarian, you may encounter times when you wish for guidance as you embark on this journey.

Seasoned librarians and supervisors will also benefit from hearing tips, advice, and strategies from these two panels as. Our first panel features librarians who will share their career journeys, the role of the ACRL/DOLS, and professional growth.

Our second panel is a moderated discussion with newer librarians focused on what they wish they'd known as they plunged into their new role as a distance librarian and lessons learned.

A publicly editable resource document featuring our own recommendations, readings, and supplementary materials will be created to both crowdsource knowledge and engage colleagues, even those unable to participate during the session.


WALC 1018

Start Date

27-7-2022 3:30 PM

End Date

27-7-2022 4:20 PM


Jul 27th, 3:30 PM Jul 27th, 4:20 PM

Concurrent 4: I wish I had known this as a distance librarian! - Part 1

WALC 1018