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Concurrent 2: Faculty-Librarian Collaboration for Student Success

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In-person Panel

Proposal Synopsis

Our panel discussion will highlight a unique and innovative collaboration between Wilmington University Library instructional staff and College of Business faculty that has led to students becoming better researchers and writers. We will discuss the planning, implementation, assessment and revision, as well as successes and challenges of the program.

In an effort to address low information literacy (IL), research, and writing skills of students in the Master of Science in Management program, Business faculty worked closely with librarians while designing a new graduate-level course focused specifically on research and writing. Prior to the course development, evidence demonstrated students struggled with locating, evaluating, and incorporating resources into their theses, which resulted in low grades, and in some cases, course repeats. The new course is now a pre-requisite course of the MSM program and prepares graduate business students for researching and writing from an academic and scholarly perspective.

Librarians worked closely with faculty to weave IL instruction throughout course, provide textbook-free/OER resources, and embed personalized IL support for assignments. An interactive IL module, IL assessment, and supplemental readings provide students with a strong foundation for IL skill development. However, the most effective components are the two required synchronous, online research consultations that make the most impact. Assessment rubrics for the assignments include ACRL IL Framework criteria to evaluate the student’s ability to identify, locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize scholarly content into assignments. In essence, librarians are co-teachers of the class and play a critical role in student success. Business faculty have commented that students are truly benefiting from the new course design and collaboration with the library.

In December 2021, Wilmington University Library was awarded the Instructional Technology Council’s (ITC) award for Outstanding eLearning Support for Faculty or Students. The library was nominated for the successful collaboration with the College of Business.


WALC 3122, a hybrid format for both virtual and on-site

Start Date

28-7-2022 10:30 AM

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28-7-2022 11:20 AM


Jul 28th, 10:30 AM Jul 28th, 11:20 AM

Concurrent 2: Faculty-Librarian Collaboration for Student Success

WALC 3122, a hybrid format for both virtual and on-site