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Concurrent 2: Meeting Students in the LMS: A User Experience Study

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Stephanie Wiegand

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In-person Full Paper Presentation

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This research is being conducted in spring 2022 and therefore results, discussion, and conclusion are not available for this synopsis. INTRODUCTION Asynchronous online graduate programs are a popular choice for students coming back to higher education for advanced degrees while simultaneously continuing careers and attending to families. Students aged 30 and over are more likely to choose online programs as compared to their younger counterparts, and due to their longer absence from higher education they are more likely to experience disorientation in utilizing library services and identifying and accessing literature due to the rapidly changing landscape of information, scholarly communication, and libraries. To address this issue, many academic libraries are moving to meet students where they are at – their campus Learning Management System (LMS). One avenue for engaging students through an LMS is a module providing students with an overview of services provided by the library and linking them to additional information as needed or wanted. The objective of this study is to review the design and impact of an LMS module for graduate students by employing user experience research design and interviews. METHODS In the spring of 2022, 15 graduate students at a mid-sized doctoral-granting institution of higher education were recruited to review an LMS module outlining academic library services for graduate students at their institution. Students first completed a brief questionnaire gathering demographic data. Participants then completed the module, after which the researcher met with individual participants via Zoom. The methodology wad designed to capture both behavioral and attitudinal user experience data. During the first portion of the meeting, participants were asked to complete four tasks regarding library services and the library website. In the second part of the meeting, participants were asked several questions concerning the format, timing, usefulness, and thoroughness of the module.


WALC 3090

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27-7-2022 10:30 AM

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27-7-2022 11:20 AM


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Concurrent 2: Meeting Students in the LMS: A User Experience Study

WALC 3090