Event Title

Concurrent 3: olCOP: Benefits of an Online Learning Community of Practice

Session Format

In-person Panel

Proposal Synopsis

How many of you are one of few at your institution focused on online and distance learning students? This makes it hard to find a community of support to share ideas, challenges, and questions related directly to online, distance, and hybrid learning. This panel will share the rich experiences of librarians who have been a part of a community of practice across multiple institutions. The panelists have a range of experiences with online learning at institutions that differ in their approach to online learning. Our community of practice has had a tremendous benefit in making none of us feel alone with a safe space to ask questions and be challenged in our thinking. As more and more institutions make online learning a priority, it is critical to have a community to learn from and contribute to. While internal campus communities and networks are always critical, libraries are in a unique position and having a group of information professionals to connect with has been vital to our jobs.

The panel will take questions from the audience. Experiences of which we can speak deeply include creating sustainable learning objects, building repositories for online learning, fostering a sense of community and support, evolving leadership and responsibility across the group, and how to build professional development opportunities for their institutions. Our goal is for you to leave the session both with insights on current trends in online and distance learning as well as how to either start or improve your own online community of support.


WALC 1018

Start Date

28-7-2022 11:30 AM

End Date

28-7-2022 12:20 PM


Jul 28th, 11:30 AM Jul 28th, 12:20 PM

Concurrent 3: olCOP: Benefits of an Online Learning Community of Practice

WALC 1018