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My poster will be a visual representation of the process, results, and recommendations after working with a faculty member to convert her course to Open Educational Resource (OER) and NAC (No Additional Cost) materials. At the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), we have been conducting informational workshops with faculty on OER: What is it, why use it, where to find it, and other considerations—but not truly hands-on, step-by-step sessions.

In response to state legislation governing OER course marking and providing funding toward grants for OER development as well as a state repository of OER resources, the need for faculty training has become urgent. In addition, our School of Professional Studies has attempted to eliminate commercial textbooks wherever possible. As a result, librarians are receiving more and more requests to help locate OER for courses. We have compiled OER LibGuides and subject-specific LibGuide pages full of OER repositories. Faculty tend to be less knowledgeable about NAC materials. It has become our task to address both types of resources in our workshops, which are preferable to course-by-course assistance. The results indicate that we need to develop more faculty outreach in the form of everything from hands-on trainings to “Train the Trainer” sessions in finding and utilizing library holdings and OER.

Our task is to help faculty and administrators how to practically comply with copyright law, assess their current sources, navigate multiple tools using varied strategies, and utilize library tools and materials. Perhaps most importantly, we hope to encourage them to see and value us as partners in their instructor efforts while giving them the confidence and skill set to follow their OER/NAC goals.

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WAL C 3084

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27-7-2022 1:00 PM

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27-7-2022 2:00 PM


Jul 27th, 1:00 PM Jul 27th, 2:00 PM

Sustainability and Sanity: A Case Study in Converting an Online Course to Exclusively OER and NAC Resources (Or How to Fix a Big Copyright Problem without Mentioning Copyright)

WAL C 3084


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