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The Association for College and Research Library Distance Library Services standards drive much of our work to reach online students. Online students at a major R1 university did not have access to an interactive orientation or open house to the library. This makes it challenging for them to learn about and place essential library services in their arsenal of supports for their studies. This talk describes the efforts to create a 360 virtual reality tour of the library from planning to creation to use. This tour was created as part of a collaborative effort between an undergraduate intern, online learning experts, and the various library services and departments involved in the tour. These include a mix of physical and virtual such as Ask-A-Librarian, Interlibrary Loan, Access Services, Research Data, The Search Bar, Guides, and Media Commons. The process involved creating a storyboard for all of the different services featured in the tour and then capturing the media to be highlighted in the tour. Students can view the experience on their computers or using a virtual reality headset. The main objective of viewing the immersive tour is to give students a mental structure to the services and resources they can use as students. For most of these online students, they never enter the library. The tour provides them with that experience virtually with the goal of increasing their comfort to use the library. This presentation will also touch on data about the experience from library curricular partners and students who participate in the experience.

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Technology and Tools

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Campus Outreach/Engagement


WAL C 3084

Start Date

27-7-2022 1:00 PM

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27-7-2022 2:00 PM


Jul 27th, 1:00 PM Jul 27th, 2:00 PM

Using Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech to Engage Online Students in their Library

WAL C 3084


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