Adoptions of Open Educational Resources (OER) or affordable textbooks have been increasing, and much research has focused on how these alternatives compare to traditionally published textbooks. However, for faculty who are not well-served by traditional textbooks, these comparisons may not be adequate to understand adoption, use, or learning the classroom. The goal of the current study is to examine perceptions of no-cost textbooks and their perceived impact on student learning after use in the classroom by those who used or adopted them. This mixed-methods study explores both student and faculty perspectives to examine the factors that impact perception, learning, and use for both populations. Results show differing perceptions based on student demographics, course discipline, and pedagogical approach, suggesting multiple factors that may impact learning for students and adoption by faculty.

This collection hosts the data associated with the submission of the manuscript submitted to the Journal of Academic Librarianship.


Submissions from 2021


Beyond the Numbers: Measuring Academic Success Perceptions for OER and Affordable Textbook Initiatives, Anne Marie Casey and Cassandra Konz