Dataset includes:

  • Table 1: Courses Included in the Study

  • Table 2: Survey Respondents by Course

  • Table 3: Survey Respondents by Number of Semesters of College Completed

  • Table 4: Unable or Unwilling to Purchase a Textbook Due to Cost

  • Table 5: Textbook Spend in a Typical Semester

  • Table 6: Perceived Impact of Lack of a Textbook on Ability to Succeed

  • Table 7: Comparison of Students’ Ease with Accessing Course Materials

  • Table 8: Comparison of Students’ Ease with Reading Course Materials

  • Table 9: Comparison of Students’ Ease with Taking Notes

  • Table 10: Comparison of Students’ Ease Working with Other Students

  • Table 11: Comparison of Overall Learning

  • Table 12: Importance of the University Making Textbooks Affordable

  • Table 13: Comment Distribution

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Open educational resources (OER), Textbook affordability, Academic success, Student perceptions, Survey Data



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