While person-job fit has been used to determine satisfaction in many professions, no research has been done among distance learning (DL) librarians. This study explores that concept by investigating person-job fit among librarians with primary DL responsibility compared to librarians with partial DL responsibility and whether a common career path exists among the two groups.  Responses appear to suggest that DL librarians perceive a strong compatibility between their needs and desires and their jobs while both groups indicate that career advancement has been the primary factor concerning career path decisions.

This collection hosts the data associated with Rundels, J. J., & Casey, A. M. (2019). Measuring person-job fit and career paths of distance learning librarians. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 13(4), 321-338.



Submissions from 2018


Measuring Job-Fit and Career Paths of Distance Learning Lirbrarians, Jennifer J. Rundels and Anne M. Casey