Thomas Haun


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Thomas Haun serves as the VP of Strategy and Globalization for PrecisionHawk. Haun is a marketing, sales and business development professional with a decade of experience in building new business opportunities, maximizing financial impact, and identifying maneuvers for global economic trends. With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics and a Harvard MBA, Haun has spent the last 10 years helping multi-billion dollar companies grow partnerships, increase revenue, and carry out successful new business efforts. From 2005 to 2009, Haun assumed multiple key roles at Northrop Grumman that ultimately led to over $1B in new contracts. Following his move to DuPont/Pioneer in 2011, Haun drove over $80M in additional revenue opportunity by pinpointing agriculture trends, designing a scalable agriculture services business, reducing development time-to-market and maximizing overall financial gain.