Development of an SE(3)-Based Rigid Body Pose Estimation Scheme for Unknown Moments of Inertia in a Spacecraft


This research project will continue the development of an special Euclidean (SE(3))- based rigid body pose estimation scheme for unknown moments of inertia in a spacecraft from the successful implementation of a Phase I modeling framework. The specific objectives of the second phase of this project are to advance the TRL of the SE(3) framework/technology from TRL 1-2, to TRL 3, for two specific applications: 1) Optimizing Rendezvous, Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD) for a trash-filled logistics vehicle and 2) rapid calculation of slosh dynamics in the upper stage of a launch vehicle (LV). The TRL will be advanced through analytical demonstration of the RPOD and Slosh applications in a proof-of-concept simulation environment. This estimator design will a) account for translation /rotation coupling, b) avoid singularity or non-uniqueness issues, c) gain high level of convergence, and d) account for system uncertainties. This NASA proposal identifies a critical knowledge gap: The commonly used attitude parameteriza- tion sets (APSs) can result in singularity or non-uniqueness issues.

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