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Sagarika Naik is an M. Phil, Scholar and a research fellow at University of Delhi. She has previously worked as a research assistant at Confluence Media Pvt Ltd, with the project title Integration of Indian Princely State. Currently, she is working as a research associate for National Archive of Trinidad and Tobago, where she is constantly working with the archival records including Census Report, Immigration and Emigration Files, Famine Reports, Gazetteers and Annual Administrative Reports. In addition, she presented and participated in different national and international conferences, seminar, colloquial and workshop, including The Rise of Asia in Global History and Perspective, La Montee De L’Asie En Historie et PerspectiveGlobales,France,NorthAmericanLaborHistoryConference(NALHC), Wayne State University, Detroit , Michigan, USA,University of East London, Varahagiri Venkata Giri National Labor Institute etc. Her research interest focuses on Labour History, Migration Studies, Gender and Sexuality,Human Trafficking, South Asian Studies. In addition to that recently her research explores the Rohingya refugee crisis, particularly she examines the diverse issues containing withthepractice of belongingness, place-attachment and mobility, refugee crisis and sext trafficking. Her upcoming publication including Indian Ocean: Free and Coerced migration in the age of Global Empire (at Marquette University), 20212021, and Representation of Refugee, Migrants and Displacement of Rohingya refugee: A narrative on the refugee crisis in South East Asia (Edited book; The Present with no future: The Rohingya in the place of migration) 2021 are under review.