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Timothy Williams is a junior professor of insecurity and social order at the Bundeswehr University Munich in Germany. Previously he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Conflict Studies at the University of Marburg, where he also concluded his PhD in 2017 (summa cum laude) that has since been acknowledged with two awards, one by the university of Marburg, the other by the German Peace Psychologist Association. His research deals with violence, focussing on its dynamics, particularly at the micro-level, as well as its consequences for post-conflict societies and the politics of memory these evoke. He has conducted extensive field research in Cambodia, as well as Armenia and Rwanda and has been awarded the Emerging Scholar Prize of the International Association of Genocide Scholars in 2017. Timothy has published in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, Terrorism and Political Violence, International Peacekeeping, Genocide Studies and Prevention, Transitional Justice Review, among others, has co-edited a volume on perpetrators (with Susanne Buckley-Zistel, 2018, Routledge) and has authored a forthcoming book The Complexity of Evil. Perpetration and Genocide (2020, Rutgers University Press).