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Abit Hoxha


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Abit Hoxha is a researcher at the Institute of Nordic and Media Studies at University of Agder in Norway. He is currently working on his PhD titled Conflict News Production at LMU Munich, Germany where he is focusing on comparing journalistic news production in Western Balkans, Middle East and Great Lakes through reconstructing news coverage with journalists to find out influences on news production and how news comes into being. He holds a MSc from Durham Global Security Institute at Durham University in UK as well as an MA on Journalism from the Kosovo Institute of Journalism and Communication and BA degree in Political Science from the University of Prishtina. Originally from Kosovo, Abit is engaged in both academic discussions and research of transitional societies as well as in training journalists on sensitive reporting. He has worked in several research projects in relation to dealing with the past including research on narratives of the second World War in history books in Kosovo which was published as a report “Fostering a Critical Account of History in Kosovo: Engaging with History Teacher’s Narratives of the Second World War.” Prior to joining LMU Munich, he worked for UNDP, UNFAO, World Bank, UNWomen and Civil Society in Kosovo. Prior to joining UiA, he worked in the FP7 funded project INFOCORE at the LMU Munich.