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Asya Darbinyan


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Currently a Visiting Research Scholar at Clark University, Asya Darbinyan was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Stockton University in 2019-2020. She completed her Ph.D. in History at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University, in December 2019. Her dissertation explores the Russian Empire’s responses to the Armenian Genocide and to the refugee crisis at the Caucasus battlefront of WWI (Advisor: Dr. Taner Akçam). Previously, Darbinyan worked at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Yerevan, as a Senior Research Fellow and the Deputy Director of the museum (2008-2013).

Dr. Darbinyan’s research and teaching expertise stand at the intersection of Armenian history, history of the Russian Empire, genocide, refugees, and humanitarian interventions, with a focus on the agency and actions of refugees in addressing their suffering and plight. She is a recipient of multiple scholarships and grants: most recently, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative’s Vartan Gregorian Scholarship to revise and expand her dissertation for publication. Her book chapter “Humanitarian Crisis at the Ottoman-Russian Border: Russian Imperial Responses to Armenian Refugees of War and Genocide, 1914-15” appeared in the edited volume Aid to Armenia: Humanitarianism and Intervention from the 1890s to the present (Manchester University Press, 2020) in September.