The INoGS Executive Board is pleased to announce that the 8th Global Conference on Genocide of INoGS will take place at the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City on 26-28 June 2022. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Mexican Institute for Justice and the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Texas, Dallas. 

The conference will offer an opportunity to focus on histories of genocide and mass atrocities in Mexico and other states in central and south America --- from the violent conquest by European colonialists 500 years ago and the destruction of indigenous groups, until recent and ongoing forced disappearances, torture, killing, and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people at the hands of state and non-state perpetrators. In addition, the organizers will call for papers and panels on mass atrocities in other regions around the world, past and present, and will welcome contributions by scholars, professionals working in NGOs, and activists.      

Adán B. F. García, Academic Director of the Memory and Tolerance Museum, wrote to the INoGS Executive Board members to express his enthusiasm of this opportunity and his "hope, because I think this situation [mass violence in Mexico] can and must be changed, and we will be part of it." We are very much looking forward to working together, and we join in the hope that the conference will help bring about much needed and urgent change. 

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