Leader in Love: A Political Psychological Perspective — April 20, 2001

This article describes some possible political consequences of a national leader in love or experiencing lust as love.


An Open Letter to Prime Minister Sharon — April 13, 2001
Dai Williams and Editor

The following article (with very minor editing by IBPP) was written by Dai Williams, a psychologist who works in the United Kingdom. It was written on March 19, 2001 but still retains much of political psychological import given events in the Mideast. The author may be reached at eosuk@btinternet.com or through http://www.eoslifework.co.uk.

IBPP Research Associates


IBPP Research Associates: Botswana — April 20, 2001
Staff Writers - The Botswana Gazette Online

This article featured an April 18, 2001 run of a recurrent feature of The Botswana Gazette Online News. The editor notes that political psychological analysis can be fruitfully pursued through assessments of people's predictions of events. The articles cannot be provided in Scholarly Commons due to copyright restrictions.

The articles:

  • P25 million vegetable farm drills 4th 1000 metre borehole
  • Microsoft contracts Sehitwa company to up-date Windows
  • Lobatse Research Institute wins Nobel prize for HIV/AIDS vaccine
  • BDP Congress votes to ban death penalty
  • Village school wins international media prize for educational TV programme



Trends. Banning Espionage — April 20, 2001

This article discusses the psychological aspects of the idea of banning espionage as presented in an article in SECRECY NEWS from the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy.


Trends. Basque Frustration: The Tool of Suicide as Homicide — April 20, 2001

This article discusses the lack of significant suicidal behavior on the part of the Basque separatist organizations, and the impact of that lack.