Short Term Effects of the Retrenchment Exercise on Individual and Organisational Performance in the Uganda Civil Service: Part I — June 29, 2001
Peter Baguma

This study set out to assess the short-term effects of a retrenchment exercise on individual and organisational performance in the Uganda civil service. In all, 247 senior and lower rank employees from 6 civil service ministries were administered a questionnaire that measured individual performance, factors hindering employee performance and suggestions on how performance could be improved, and organisational performance factors. The majority of participants reported retrenchment had positive or unknown effects on individual performance. Factors hindering employee performance were inadequate funding, lack of motivation, work overload, and lack of tools--to mention but a few. Providing a living wage, improved incentives, and training were some of the factors identified that could lead to improved performance. The majority of participants also reported that retrenchment had positive or no effects on organisational performance. Specific recommendations are given in the text.

IBPP Research Associates


IBPP Research Associates: Ghana — June 29, 2001
Staff Writer - The Ghana Chronicle

The article - The press a necessary evil: Building tolerance and respect between Parliament and the Press, by a staff writer of The Ghana Chronicle - was posted on the June 26th issue of that publication. It cannot be provided for download due to copyright restrictions.

The article discusses role of media (the press) in Ghanaian society as the Fourth Estate.



Trends. The Privileged Status of the Physical in Health Ideology: The Security Consequences of AIDS — June 29, 2001
IBPP Editor

The author discusses the importance of recognizing both physical and psychological factors of the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) pandemic on security.