At the age of 15 Dr. Karl Ericson was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. After electroshock and high doses of thorazine, he recovered enough to gain some insight into his condition and developed self-help methods for himself which were published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Since then he has created a web site that combines his thoughts on politics, self-help, religion and philosophy and has written a preliminary online computer aided self-help program (3). Having suffered from delusions and paranoia, Dr. Ericson is acutely aware of delusions and paranoia in society and in political thinking. He published "Creation of Paranoia" in IBPP during 2001.

In a previous article (Ericson (1)) the author discussed the parallels between paranoia in groups of people considered mentally healthy and in the mentally ill and why both the mentally ill and mentally healthy groups may create paranoia. In this article, he discusses the creation of delusions in mentally healthy groups and the mentally ill but focus on the creation of non-paranoid delusions.