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Scientific Psychological Support of National Security Issues


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In this interview, Dr. Staal covers scientific psychological support of national security issues, how psychologists might prepare for involvement in these areas, issues of transfer of reliability/validity from research to the ‘real world’, vetting psychological assumptions on how people will behave when specific operational plans are implemented, ethics and ‘enhanced interrogation’, Dr. Staal's agenda for APA Division 19, and his professional plans for the future.

Guest Biography

Dr. Mark Staal is Chief Executive Officer, OSS Consulting, LLC, which applies innovative psychological tactics, techniques, and technologies to enhance national security operations and corporate objectives. Examples include special assessment and selection, consultation to strategic communications, leadership development, executive coaching, personnel debriefing, organizational climate assessment, and specialized training support. He has co-edited (with Sally C. Harvey) Operational Psychology: A New Field to Support National Security and Public Safety scheduled for publication by Praeger in July 2019. [Dr. Staal’s opinions in this interview are his own and do not represent those of the American Psychological Association of which he is the President, Division 19, Society for Military Psychology.