This article was written by Ismael Sambra Haber. Sambra has published poetry, short stories, literary criticism, and essays in both Cuban and international magazines and journals. He also has worked as a stage actor and as a consultant, screenwriter, actor, and director of Tele Turquino. Sambra has published Para Ti Mujer (For You, Woman), Coleccion Plegables, 1978; Las Cinco Plumas y la Luz del Sol (The Five Feathers and the Sun Light), Editorial Oriente, 1987; Para No Ser Leido en Recital (Not to be Read at a Poetry Reading or Recital), Editorial Oriente, 1991; and Remolino de Luz (Whirl of Light), Editorial Oriente, 1992. He founded the literary magazines Museo and El Grupo. Sambra's book of essays, El Unico Marti: Principal Opositor a la Tirania de Castro (The Unique Marti: Principal Opponent to Castro's Tyranny), has recently been published by La Otra Cuba, Mexico City.