The IBPP Research Associates column has two parts, both of which are included in the downloadable document.

The first part of the document forwards text from a World Health Organization document, taken from the United Nations Wire for April 8, 1999. It has been posted here as a contrast to the first Trend entry in this IBPP Issue. Two main issues - (1) Possible orthogonality of psychological from legal and moral standards and (2) the reliability and validity of different approaches within the clinical sciences to delineating psychopathology - are considered.

The second part of the document is an April 6th (1999) email interview between Global Network Initiative Staffer Gilbert Grein and Mr. Janez Kranjski. Mr. Kranjski cites his ethnicity as Slovenian and is studying for a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Kranjski discusses what he considers to be important issues for Slovenia, as well as one Slovenian's view of events in Kosovo and Serbia.